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Load Balancing Diagram

The Eddieware suite includes a Load Balancing Domain Name Service package. This package allows multiple, geographically distributed, web sites serving the same information to be treated as a single web server. The geographical distribution can be across a city, a country, or even the world. The individual sites may have different numbers of servers, different vintages of computer, even different operating systems.

Each site sends traffic information to each Eddie DNS. The Eddie DNS package then dynamically balances client domain name resolution requests across all sites in the distributed virtual server. The balancing is performed to keep each site working at approximately the same fraction of its overall capacity, rather than equalising the number of requests sent to each site, as occurs with Round Robin based schemes. This ensures each site is used to its maximum efficiency and that the capacity of the entire virtual is made available to potential users.

Each Eddie site balances load across the machines at the site. This ensures that the Eddie is responsive to both local and global changes in the level of demand.